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Runs from Friday February 16 2024 to Saturday February 17 2024

Approximate running time: 2 hours


The Capitol Theatre
421 Victoria Street
Nelson BC V1L 5R2

Event Notes


All tickets: $40 + fees

Circus Acts Insomniacs Present - Oneira Spectra - Multi Dimensional Performance Art Bringing Dreams to Life

"Oneiro Spectra" is an immersive theater experience that brings dreams to life, exploring surreal landscapes and emotional narratives inspired by the subconscious. Through captivating aerial performances, musical collaboration, and improvisational dance, the show delves into the mysteries of the human mind and the complex emotions that shape us. This unique production offers a perspective on mental well-being, where reality blurs with imagination, and dreams intertwine with nightmares.

Feature performances by: Adrian Wagner/ Alegria Aerial/ Andrea Legg/ Blair Leamen/ Azzaylea & Runekey Circus Acts Insomniac/ Hush Hush/ Shy Tiger/ Matt the Human/ Notok

Shadow Art by: Heather Dawn Sparks

Parental Advisory Reccomended

Some of the Themes we explore in this show may include nightmares. "monsters", and other more mature subjects. It is your discretion as to whether your children will be comfortable engaging with this material. We encourage you to consider the sensitivity and maturity levels of your children before coming to the show.

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