Occurs on Friday October 26 2018

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


The Capitol Theatre
421 Victoria Street
Nelson BC V1L 5R2

Performance Notes


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Mining the missing files of memory, the boxes into which we misplace ourselves, and the inexplicability know…the…this...thing... Tara Cheyenne’s new dance-theatre piece is all about memory—the things we remember and the things we forget, and, as she puts it “the panic around that”.

The work, which is being described as standup comedy with dance, breaks new ground for the performer. Instead of developing a full-blown character as she’s done in the past, here she plays herself. The title of her new work—I Can’t Remember the Word for I Can’t Remember—is a line gleaned from her own memory battles during the frazzle of motherhood.

“It’s a true story after my kid was born,” she says, “I became really interested in gaps in memory and just what memory is—the fact that you only remember something once and every time after that you’re just remembering the memory and so on, like a game of telephone.”

The theme of memory sent her deep into research about the way our brains fail to process all the info flying at us in the digital age, but also into her own past.

“There’s kind of a theme in the show about women and maturity and what it means not to be a 25-year-old stick-figure dancer and what it means to dance when you’re over 40: the beautiful difficulty of aging. Me being on-stage—in some ways I feel it’s a fantastic political act to be dancing at 45.”

Tara is a choreographer, performer, educator, and Artistic Director of Tara Cheyenne Performance. Based in Vancouver, she has been creating and performing her unique brand of hybrid dance-theatre for the past decade and is known for her expert blending of comedy, dynamic physicality, and character work. Tara has been nominated for several Jessie and Ovation awards for her theatrical choreography and is a 2014 recipient of the Chrystal Dance Prize.

“Insanely funny and imaginative genius” — Janet Smith, Georgia Straight Tara's website here

OPENING PERFORMANCE!! Bodies of Water - Slava Doval & Emily Honegger

Opening the evening is Slava Doval and Emily Honegger's piece Bodies of Water. Two women explore the theme of water through their bodies in movement: liquid, vapour, crystal, tears, sweat, womb, tidal pulls, commodification, communal necessity.

Slava Doval is the founder and director of Nelson based dance school DanceFusion. She is a passonate performer, choreographer and instructor who infuses her globally minded movements with grace and prescence while exploring the common thread in dances from around the world. She is the 2018 Cultural Ambassador for the City of Nelson.

Emily Honegger is based in the West Kootenay's originally from Montreal. She has training in ballet, martial arts, contemporary dance, contact improv and freestyle hip hop forms that continue to influence and inform her style today. Her performance experiences have taken her to Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Los Angeles, Europe and Western Canada. She currently tours and performs with her partner in life and art, FRASE, the singer and multi-instrumentalist.

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